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22nd Mar 2022, 5:48 PM
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We're going to continue with Cruel Summers, it's only a matter of days. I was busy with other projects, like Esperanto, a lot of commissions, and the project of the image above (more on my twitter). Stay tuned, you'll hear from Vortex Comics very soon.

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Hello guys, these days I had been busy with commissions for clients, and I didn't have time to update this site, sorry for that. Well, Cruel Summers 1 is over, you can read the whole thing now here, or purchase the pdf on gumroad, or signup in my patreon page. I'm making some experiments, for Cruel Summers 2. I mean, I know many of you read comics in your cell phones, eventually you'd rather read the comic in vertical format (like tapastic or webtoons)? Please, give me your opinion. It will take a few weeks to start publishing Cruel Summers 2, but, in the meantime, you're welcome to visit my other NSFW comic, ESPERANTO. Some people say Esperanto is even better than Cruel Summers, some people say otherwise. Please, give me your opinion about that, and follow me on twitter for updates and surprises.
Have a good weekend.

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Too Good To BE True Esperanto Fergal is an astronaut that is coming back to Earth. Due to a calculation error, he falls in the wrong place and finds a lot of former students of an Australian girls' boarding school who have been shipwrecked on a Pacific Island. And well, the thing is, those girls don't see a man since a long time ago...

Yes, ESPERANTO is ready, you can read it here .